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2019 The MLS/CLAW Officers, Directors & Staff

  • CEO Annie Ives The MLS/CLAW
  • President John Winther BHGLAAR
  • President Elect Robert Leighton BHGLAAR
  • Treasurer Karen Misraje BHGLAAR
  • Past President Gregg Pawlik BHGLAAR
  • Director Marco Rufo BHGLAAR
  • Director Steve Drust BHGLAAR
  • Director Sandra Miller BHGLAAR
  • Director Matt Ogden Malibu AoR
  • Director Ani Dermenjian Malibu AoR
  • Director Pat Douglas Southwest AoR
  • Director Christie Thomas Southwest AoR
  • Technical Director Santanu Barua The MLS/CLAW
  • Director of Operations Gigi Merina The MLS/CLAW
  • Help Desk Manager Jorge Diaz The MLS/CLAW
  • Accounting Manager Faye Ahmadi The MLS/CLAW
  • Production Manager Mark Sternberg The MLS/CLAW
  • Quality Assurance Manager Carlos Pavón The MLS/CLAW
  • Network Manager Jay Martinez The MLS/CLAW
  • Database Manager Quay San The MLS/CLAW
  • Marketing Manager Rehn Dudukgian The MLS/CLAW

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